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remembers a twin set of crises that nearly cost the fifth generation its legacy. the first was financial. shortly after that, the second crisis was a violent union strike which also came close to destroying the business. >> sitting here at my desk. in comes walking the president of the union. and he said brian, in a couple of weeks, i think you will understand, that your union contract is up. i said, look, al, if you go on strike, keep on walking because that's the end of your union and us. i'm bringing in replacements and they are heavily armed. so if you want to come aboard with your thugs, and the clubs, and the guns, you better know that every single one of our tugboats has got an arsenal, and we are ready to take you on. i got no choice. i may be dead either way. >> clearly luck has played a role in their survival. but it's certainly not everything. what is it about your family that has been able to hold on to this when so many other family businesses leave the family after the second, third, fourth generation? >> i think it's that irish mentality of tradition. the passion for tradi
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)